Nobody could have expected that a spontaneous party under a bridge would be the starting signal for this career. Our story & journey began in 2012, from one hundred dancers to thousands who celebrated together in nature. The name Naturklang was created exactly as described, with a view over the Limmat and amazing sound in the ears.
Since then, there has been a vibe of passion from the Limmat, to Lake Zurich to the Nevada desert. And isn't there any better place to relax than in nature? The combination of music and nature is not just a passion, it is much more a way of living. To this day, the founder remains of the opinion that there is nothing better than dancing in the sun. Naturklang likes to play with the weather and it can happen that you dance in the rain for hours, without tensioning your tent, hiding underneath and locking out the wind. Instead, you become one with nature, the weather and of course the music. In our eyes a completely pure and natural combination.
In 2019, Naturklang opened up a new chapter and united several selected labels and partners to create “THE Events”. Simple names with a lot of meaning! Naturklang is similar to a chameleon, which can adapt to any circumstances and merge with its environment. In the end, it's about smiling faces dancing to a beat together, feeling it and celebrating. We produce almost everything ourselves, from the bar menu and lineup to stage design. Because this is the only way to create Naturklang with great attention to detail.


This does not only mean the genre, it includes the techno community, in which the common language is one - music. No matter where you are from. Our credo is: JUST BE.