THE BEACH FESTIVAL 2024 – Imagine a hidden oasis where the sun warms your skin, the waves crash against the shore, and the gentle rustle of palm trees creates a tranquil atmosphere. We are happy to dance for two days at Lido Ascona on the 14th and 15th of June. Two days, two stages, and a breathtaking line-up. BLACK COFFEE as the headliner, Joseph Capriati, and Chris Stussy will perform on Friday. Jamie Jones, Bedouin, and Dennis Cruz will play their electrifying beats on Saturday.

But not only do the artists sound promising, there are also plenty of activities like paddle surfing, a bouncy castle at Lago Maggiore, and massages on the beach. You can even rent a sunbed in the VIP area and take a timeout from the party bustle.

Whether you’re looking to dance the day away or unwind at the beach, there is something for everyone. Hope to see you there in less than a month!